TotalDiscovery is a SaaS-based web application, used by enterprise I.T. and legal professionals for managing legal compliance, data preservation, data collection, and processing. Their software helps organizations take control and automate the left-side of the EDRM model, from start to finish.

Design Problem

After forming a new entity, TotalDiscovery required a new website that worked for them to help identify and promote their products, people, and mission.


Designing and developing a website from the ground up is always a challenge, especially for such a seasoned product. The TotalDiscovery application was designed for a particular audience and ensuring the site met their needs was at the forefront of my efforts.

  • Enabling the site to be easily discoverable through SEO
  • Designing for a wide range of user backgrounds
  • Illustrating and simplifying highly technical and legal terminology
  • Ensuring the application behind it all is spotlighted


Starting with a holistic review of the previous website, we were able to establish an understanding and build up a baseline of areas we wanted to improve and expand.

Then moving into reviewing customer feedback and fresh interviews, we were able to identify essential perspectives, pain points, and expectations. We used prior analytical records to put data against our findings and revised the baseline before moving forward.

We learned early on how vital the responsive design capabilities of the site would be, as a recurring theme appeared in all of our data sources.

Using the following, we were able to identify and map out the golden paths of our target personas.

  • User Personas
  • User Stories
  • Journey Maps
  • Flow Diagrams
  • Site Map

With these completed, it helped us prioritize what areas would be worked on first. With the sitemap in place, I was able to move into systematically developing each page.

We chose to use the Foundation framework, which allowed us to leverage their grid and component system for rapid development and QA testing.

In the end, we were able to be code complete in just under three and a half weeks and spent an additional week receiving feedback, running heat map user tests with a service called CrazyEgg. Between the heat maps, our user testing, and analyzing Google analytics, we were able to see where our users were focused the most.

With the continuing data streams, as we learned and received more feedback, we were able to make appropriate modifications to the content and overall experience.


  • TotalDiscovery Screen 3
  • TotalDiscovery Screen 3
  • TotalDiscovery Screen 3
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